The All Request Show

I started writing a blog in order to do a couple of things

  • order my thoughts (because I’m always bubbling away about something or other)
  • share some tips and tricks
  • get feedback from people
  • practice my writing

So far it’s worked pretty well. I’ve been pleased with the discipline of it, I’ve had some thought provoking contributions and it’s honed my style and message a little. It also gave me the confidence to start on a book. Something which still feels pretty unreal. However, I’ve hit a bit of a block. I feel there is a blog post I need to write before I can start more fully on the book and yet the book will demand more of my time and may stop the blog (something I don’t want to do). I think it’s because I tend to write so personally that I’m unsure of whether I can pour myself in to the two projects simultaneously.

Now the odd thing is that I’ve been able to write guest posts for other people easily enough. (You can see my latest, over at Thinking About Learning.) These generally come about when someone whose writing I like has space on their blog and offers it out. I rush at the chance to write for a slightly different audience and the rest as they say is history.

So this is where you come in my friends, normally I challenge you, the readers, to consider what I have written and use it in your own life. This time I’d like you to challenge me. Please set me a topic via the comments and I will produce a short blog on it. I may write or I may take a picture (not least as I’m off to a great event about “Art in Business” next week), but rest assured I will take every topic and give you my slant on it, either personally or from a coaching angle.

Over to you world!

6 thoughts on “The All Request Show

  1. David Goddin (@ChangeContinuum) Reply

    Great idea Jon and can’t wait to see what comes through as well as what you do with it!

    Here’s my challenge to you… could you please write about how coaching is or isn’t a profession and how mentoring is or isn’t a profession? If the answer to each is quite different could you suggest why? Can’t wait!

  2. Natasha aka @StirTheSource Reply

    A question simply put but with a broad reach across any aspect of life – Why do you do what you do?

  3. Natasha aka @StirTheSource Reply

    Given that you like multiple choice, here’s your second option ….. If it was your last day on earth what would you do?

  4. Margaret Burnside Reply

    As I’ve been a bit flaky this week – taking most of yesterday off and procrastinating today by reading blogs and Twitter – how about the discipline of working for yourself/from home?

  5. Emma Reply

    Something I have realised recently about the advantage of coaching is that it can help to free your mind from the clutter of everyday life, it can really clear the cloudy feeling and give you focus. This may well not be rocket science but to me it is an important piece of learning. Personally, it’s been one of those eureka moments that we probably all have from time to time.

    So here’s my challenge: What helps you, either professionally or personally to clear and free your mind to achieve or to enable you to work towards your own goals?

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