New term, new look

Hello again.

It’s been so long since I last wrote a blog, wrote in detail for others to read. It’s hopefully the start of a regular practice again. Not least as in the last 18 months I’ve delved deeper in to the Thinking Environment and started to clarify where I am personally and also where my business goes next.

I’m known for helping people talk openly about their emotional health and whilst that’s a good chunk of what I do, I also provide a lot of other skills for my clients. I’ve been seeking fresh ways to share that with people. Ways which display the creativity I bring to facilitation and coaching. With the help of the fabulous Rob House I’ve come up with something which brings together elements of my history and showcases the variety of what I offer now.

Going through this process has been transformational for how I think about presenting myself and how others see me. With a history in various uniforms I think it’s easy for people to make assumptions about how I might be when the reality is more complex. Creating the graphic has been like a form of coaching. Design conversations with Rob held up a mirror and brought greater clarity.

I hope you like it. I’d love to hear feedback. If you’re interested to know more then get in touch and keep an eye out for part two…

…yes we made something else. More to follow

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