Jon Bartlett

People always want to know your experience and credentials when you’re self-employed so let’s get it out there. I’ve worked for some great organisations in my career – such as the Royal Air Force and London Underground. I’m also an “expert by experience” in mental health. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder over 20 years ago and continue to live and work with the diagnosis. I never formally disclosed this to any of my employers, so I understand what many people are going through. That’s not to say I know exactly how they feel – it’s different for everybody – but I like to think I’m pretty empathetic.

Beyond work I like to cycle, walk up hills and read books. A lot of books. I enjoy travelling – often to do the walking (or sometimes snowshoeing). As befits an explorer I generally have a camera with me and all the pictures on this site were taken by me (except the picture of me).

I believe that many people are not living the life they want and that often those compromises have a huge impact on their emotional health. That’s why I called the business such a strange name – libero is the Italian word for freedom and I want to help people and organisations free themselves of their limiting beliefs and live according to their values.

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