Adjustment Model

Training is a simple word for a lot of different things. I tend to use a more facilitative approach, not least because these are tough subjects and there are no right answers. Not for nothing was some of my feedback “Safe space, great sharpies”

I have designed and developed something called The Adjustment Model. This is a simple four stage model with which to consider emotional health. It can be used personally, in front line teams or as a strategic consultancy tool. The stages are:

Aware – looking at whether you are aware of your own emotional health or that of others

Alert – watching out for the signs and symptoms which might prompt you to take action

Action – the interventions you can make to improve emotional health

Assess – a forward looking approach to taking care of yourself and others

I run everything from “lunch and learn” sessions through to multi day training. The model is flexible enough to use in workshops ranging from personal self care on to line manager responsibilities and through to leadership teams looking to set a clear direction this area. Additionally it can be useful in coaching.

In terms of certificated courses I deliver Mental Health First Aid training. This is growing in popularity and visibility. It takes two days and covers everything from stigma and discrimination through to suicide prevention and how to speak to people who are seeing and hearing things. As it has an acute focus it doesn’t offer much about the ongoing care and support needed to help people with a mental health condition. This normally means that most of my clients train a small number of First Aiders and then use my Line Managers training to roll out across the organisation.