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This is the fourth in a series of short blogs from the CIPD Midlands Area Partnership event.

After a good lunch we move back to breakout sessions and I’ve opted for a session about “Making learning as addictive as video games”

We started straight in to future trends which can be summarised….

  1. Virtual reality is here
  2. Game based learning
  3. Augmented reality
  4. Machine learning (building algorithms for personalised learning)
  5. Social learning

…….and then talked in pairs about what games we play and the roles they have in our lives. I use several games, often as a way to gain some headspace or practice at mindfulness. Across the room there was a wide variety of answers from sports games through to Pokemon Go and it was clear that many in the room are being taught about digital games by their children so I wondered whether older employees might not engage without younger colleagues to encourage them.

digital_health_apps_successWe moved on to a group exercise about designing the structure of a game. This was a useful exercise, not least because one of our group had a really interesting challenge they wanted training for – dispensing controlled medication in a hostel environment with multiple demands on attention / time. (Other groups had ideas around difficult conversations and safe driving). I enjoyed the emphasis on who the players would be, what characters we might need in the game and then the scenes / settings we might use. Working more visually is not always easy for me and yet it was fun to work in the team with our idea.

Overall I felt that this session didn’t really deliver on its title. It was clear that many attributes of playing games would be really useful in designing learning so for example a sense of play, learning by doing, potential to fail in a safe environment and of course the sense of achievement / gaining reward for completing tasks. So whilst it was interesting to think through problems and consider how you might deliver a game to train staff I didn’t get any sense of why you would choose games over other forms of delivery.


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