A short film about my coaching approach.

Coaching comes in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes it’s a helping hand over an obstacle or two, other times it’s a re-evaluation of where you are in life and what you want. Ultimately though, coaching is whatever YOU want it to be.

For me it starts with actually listening to you, acknowledging who you are and how you are doing right now. From there the possibilities are endless. Taking the time to reflect and assess your needs can be cathartic and generative. Coaching can help work out what you value and how you can spend more time doing that.

Due to my background and experience I do a lot of work with people about their emotional health. Indeed some clients seek me out because of my own lived experience of a mental health condition – and the empathy which comes from that. However I want to be very clear that coaching is not therapy but it can be viewed as a therapeutic relationship. Coaching is much more about how you move in to the future and create the conditions for a great life, both personally and professionally.