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This is the fifth and final blog from my day at the CIPD Midlands Area Partnership.

Our final large session is from Joy Marsden and she launches straight in to her presentation – we are asked to think about where we are in the K.E.W.W. (excuse my paraphrasing, this was typed at speed in the session).

  • Knowers – those who know everything and can’t be told
  • Emoticons – those who talk a good game but never go out and do anything
  • Worriers – self explanatory really
  • Warriors – those who will do what it takes to enjoy life.

Then we moved on to Joy’s recipe for success. Her central principle revolves around the fact that often we identify changes we need to make but somehow fail to follow through and take the necessary action.

joy-marsden-622x622Through a series of amusing, honest and self-deprecating stories Joy established more detail around this principle. She identified things which hold us back, the negative internal voice, positioning (standing out for all the wrong reasons), focussing on what we can’t do rather than what we can and the trap of ego. Then we looked at what we might do to overcome them.




We were challenged to ask ourselves

  1. Are you set in your ways?
  2. Busy but doing…… what?

Whilst the session was billed as self leadership I can’t help thinking that those two challenges link back perfectly to the mornings keynote speeches  – is the HR profession set in its ways and is it busy doing what it needs to do?

Joy’s final thought?

“Expect the best, prepare for the worst and make the most of what comes your way” – sound advice for the profession.

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