Last week I was battling with a few issues, trying to understand the perspectives of others and my own motivations. I took some time out and was chatting with a few people on twitter. I saw that @KateGL was at a conference at Cranfield. This is how the conversation went

The conversation

Simple enough you’d think? Wrong.

This casual tweet opened up so much for me. When we tend to think of debate these days we think of politicians  aggressively attacking each other, we think of Question Time on the dear old BBC. Yet Kate described it as like being in a kaleidoscope, those wondrous toys of yesteryear (i.e. before computer games) where colour and shape change and interact in a never ending medley. So now I had an image of all her fellow attendees adding colour and form to an exchange of views. It didn’t seem combative but in fact collaborative.

I reflected on my challenges in a new light, one full of opportunity and vibrancy. I could put myself at the centre of all that was happening for me rather than coming at it from one particular direction. In a world where we are almost obliged to take sides daily, this view allowed me to see the nuances of a situation and understand where I could add the colour, the structure that my issues needed.

I’m still keen to find out from Kate how the actual event went rather than my interpretation. You never know, she might write about it on her interesting blog but until then the fresh perspective she gave me has helped me move forward.

So, just a simple blog this week but feel free to comment with your views on perspective!

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