how do we get there?


Coaching comes in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes it’s a helping hand over an obstacle or two, other times it’s a re-evaluation of where you are in life and what you want. Ultimately though, coaching is whatever YOU want it to be.

The mechanism

How will you know if I’m the right coach for you? Well you can check out my Coach page but often people want to have a chat. If that’s the case let me know, I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute phone call to discuss whether coaching is for you. If you decide you want to go ahead we then need to an “Intake Session”. This is a terribly grand term for a conversation where I will get to know you, understand your values and you will set some basic themes for our work together. I like to do this meeting face to face and you will need to do some preparatory work for it.

After that, we will work together for a number of sessions, typically 6 or 10 at a time. These conversations are normally 30 minutes long and done over the phone. People often think that half an hour isn’t long enough but you’d be surprised how effective and energising these sessions are.

People sometimes ask what guarantees there are in coaching. That’s a tough one to answer as what you get out, depends on what you are willing to put in. On a more basic level though, I operate under the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics to ensure my professional conduct. (That link will download a PDF to your computer)