your coach - Jon bartlett


I’ve done a few different things in my life, I started out in the military, I’ve worked for the UK’s busiest railway company and I’ve even owned a hotel. I learned a lot about different industries and yet my success in each job always boiled down to being about understanding the people and how they interacted.

That got me thinking about what I enjoyed in working with people and in each job it was helping people get to the best version of themselves and to enjoy life. I wondered if I needed to be with an organisation to make that happen and realised that I didn’t. In fact, I wanted to build my own business geared to helping people be all they could be.

Once I decided to make coaching my career I figured I’d better do some research and find out what worked. Now for me this was Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I believe that it offers a robust and constructive set of tools to understand human experience and achieve transformative change for both individuals and businesses. Or in normal English, understanding what works for you and doing more of that. However I also took a broader approach and following formal training am working toward my full accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (of which I’m a member).  I’m also an experienced Mentor and hold the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation (should you need an intermediary).

So I guess you want to know a little bit more about what excites me, about the kind of person I am and perhaps about whether I’m the sort of person you’d like to work with.

  1.     I like to .........  walk up mountains, read books, take pictures (including all the ones on this site), watch the sun go down, travel far and wide, ride my bike, understand how stuff works and be amongst friends.

  2.     I don’t like .............. well hard to say really as I’m pretty open minded. I don’t drink tea or coffee but I’m not sure that counts.

  3.     I still want to........... go to Alaska, sail among the Greek islands,  visit my cousin in Africa, cycle the Great Allegheny Passage, read War and Peace, get my photos to a wider audience and own a small plot of land.